1. General Provisions
1.1. Aurora Trading Group provides services for investing in cryptocurrency.
1.2. Investors can choose one of the rates offered by Aurora Trading Group for investing.
1.3. Aurora Trading Group does not guarantee profits from investments, but provides stable growth of investments due to the use of advanced technologies and experience of professional traders.
2. Rights and obligations of the parties
2.1. Aurora Trading Group undertakes to provide investors with services of investing in cryptocurrency with high yield and minimum risk.
2.2. Investors undertake to choose the most suitable for them tariff for investing and to provide to Aurora Trading Group the necessary data for registration and operations.
2.3. Aurora Trading Group has the right to change the rates and terms of investment offered to investors at any time.
2.4. Investors have the right to stop investing and withdraw their funds at any time by notifying Aurora Trading Group.
3. Responsibilities of the parties
3.1. Aurora Trading Group is not responsible for possible losses of investors connected with changes of rates of cryptocurrencies and other risks connected with investing in cryptocurrency.
3.2. Investors are responsible for providing accurate and reliable information when registering and conducting transactions.
3.3. In case of violation of the terms of the User Agreement, Aurora Trading Group has the right to stop cooperation with the investor and block his account.
4. Final provisions
4.1. The User Agreement is an agreement between Aurora Trading Group and the investor and regulates the conditions of investing in cryptocurrency.
4.2. All disputes arising under the execution of the User Agreement will be resolved through negotiations between the parties.
4.3. The User Agreement can be changed by Aurora Trading Group without prior notice to investors.
4.4. The User Agreement is regulated by the laws of the country where Aurora Trading Group is registered.