Welcome to Aurora Trading Group, the company that offers its partners the use of smart bots for successful investments in the cryptocurrency market!

Our company specializes in automatic cryptocurrency arbitrage, which allows our partners to earn stable income without effort.


The support service of our company is ready to answer any questions at your convenience.

Our bots act according to a pre-built algorithm and adhere to the parameters set by our experts. It allows us to minimize risks and maximize profits for our clients.

We are proud that our company is one of the best on the cryptocurrency market.

We offer our clients a simple and convenient way to make money on the cryptocurrency market which is available to everyone.

Join us and start earning with Aurora Trading Group!

Business is based on high-tech and unique ways of online trading

1. Automated cryptocurrency arbitrage: our company offers smart bots that automatically arbitrage cryptocurrencies, allowing our clients to earn more income with less effort

2. The most advanced technologies and algorithms: we use advanced technologies and algorithms that have been developed by experienced arbitrageurs.

3. Minimizing risks and maximizing profits: our bots operate according to a pre-built algorithm and stick to the parameters set by our experts, which allows us to minimize risks and maximize profits for our clients.

4. The best company on the cryptocurrency market: we are proud to be one of the best companies on the cryptocurrency market.

5. Simple and convenient way of earning: we offer our clients a simple and convenient way of earning on the cryptocurrency market, which is available to everyone.

6. Accessibility: our company is available to everyone who wants to earn on the cryptocurrency market.


Aurora Trading Group provides the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency with high returns and minimal risk. Thanks to the use of special technologies and the experience of professional traders, the company ensures stable growth of its partners' investments. Besides, Aurora Trading Group offers different rates for investments, which allows you to choose the most suitable option for everyone.


Thanks to a unique and highly effective combination of technologies that allows you to make money on both the growing and falling cryptocurrency markets, this is a unique feature and an incredible achievement of the company in a competitive environment and the changing parameters of online business.

October 2023

Expanding the development team. Development of partnerships with major players.

December 2023

Launch cryptocurrency portfolio management services and crypto investing advice.

April 2024

Opening an office in Britain. Attracting more than €1 million in investment for the launch. Expanding the team to provide faster and better customer service.

May 2024

Launch a marketing campaign to attract new customers.

September 2024

Launching a token.

January 2025

Development of our own exchange to provide more opportunities for customers.

March 2025

Launching iOS and Android application

April 2025

Launch of own virtual debit cryptocurrency card with the ability to connect to your wallet Apple Pay or Google Pay.

November 2025

Development of our own exchange to provide greater opportunities for clients.

December 2025

Creation and integration of an NFT platform based on our own exchange.


Дорожная карта компании Aurora включает в себя планы по расширению географии деятельности и увеличению числа клиентов. Компания планирует улучшить свои технологии и алгоритмы, чтобы обеспечить более высокую эффективность торговли. Также в планах компании – разработка новых тарифных планов и предоставление дополнительных услуг для своих клиентов. Aurora стремится стать лидером на рынке автоматического арбитража криптовалюты и обеспечить своим клиентам максимально возможную прибыль!