Aurora Trading Group offers investments in automatic cryptocurrency arbitrage, allowing you to earn a stable income without effort. Join us and start making money in the cryptocurrency market with Aurora Trading Group!

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Passive income
Competitive level


60 days
  • Deposit amount: 10 usdt - 300 usdt
  • Deposit at the end of the term, credited every day
  • Profit per day: 0.9%
  • Total profit: 54%
50 days
  • Deposit amount: 301 usdt - 1000 usdt
  • Deposit at the end of the term, credited every day
  • Profit per day: 1%
  • Total profit: 50%
40 days
  • Deposit amount: 1001 usdt - 5000 usdt
  • Deposit at the end of the term, credited every day
  • Profit per day: 1.3%
  • Total profit: 52%
30 days
  • Deposit amount: 5001 usdt - 10000 usdt
  • Deposit at the end of the term, credited every day
  • Profit per day: 1.5%
  • Total profit: 45%
20 days
  • Deposit amount: 10001 usdt - 25000 usdt
  • Deposit at the end of the term, credited every day
  • Profit per day: 2%
  • Total profit: 40%


How can I refill my account afterchoosing a rate for investing in cryptocurrency on the company's website?

To replenish your account after choosing a rate for investing in cryptocurrency at the company's website, you need to choose a convenient payment method and follow the instructions on the screen.

How to choose a rate for investing in cryptocurrency after registration on the Company's website?

After registration on the company's website, you need to go to your personal cabinet and choose the appropriate rate for investing in cryptocurrency.

How do I confirm my account after registering on the Company's website?

After registering on the Company's website, an email will be sent to the specified email address with instructions on how to confirm your account.

What data do I need to specify when registering on the Company's website?

When registering you need to specify your personal data, such as name, surname, e-mail and phone number.

What step do I need to take to start registering on the company's website?

You need to click on the "Register" button on the home page of the company's website.

What privileges are provided for regular customers on the Aurora website?

For regular customers, the Aurora website provides additional discounts and bonuses to help increase their income.

What support is available on Aurora's website for security issues?

Support on the Aurora website provides security advice and helps clients protect their investments and personal data.

What problems can be solved with the help of the support on Aurora's site?

The support on Aurora's website can be used to solve problems related to automatic arbitrage, technical problems and questions related to bonuses and benefits.

What features does the Aurora live chat support provide?

The online support chat at Aurora website gives you a possibility to get a quick reply for your questions concerning automatic arbitrage

What documents do I need to get support on Aurora?

You will need to provide your account information and problem description for Aurora support.

How fast should I get the answer from the Aurora support?

Usually the reply from the support service at Aurora website comes within several hours.

What services does Aurora website support provide?

The support at Aurora website provides consulting on using automated arbitrage, helping to solve technical problems and answering your questions.

How do I contact Aurora support on the Aurora website?

You can contact Aurora support on the Aurora website through online chat or email.

What guarantees does Aurora provide when investing?

Aurora guarantees the safety of your investments, as well as provides protection of personal data and confidentiality of all operations. In addition, the company provides insurance in case of possible losses.

What forms of payment does Aurora accept for investing?

The Aurora company accepts payments e-wallets and cryptocurrencies.

What is the minimum deposit required to invest at the Aurora website?

The minimal deposit for investing at the Aurora website depends on the chosen tariff plan and can be from 10$.

What tariff plans does Aurora offer for investing?

Aurora company provides several tariff plans for investments, different by the minimal deposit sum and an interest rate.

How do I invest on the Aurora website?

In order to invest on the Aurora website you will need to register, fund your account and choose the appropriate plan.

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  • COMPANY NUMBER (ACN): 15463878
  • COUNTRY OF REGISTRATION: England and Wales
  • REGISTRATION DATE: 4th February 2024

About Us

We provide a unique opportunity to make a profit online, based on our own innovative developments that allow risk-free bot trading on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. We see our mission as reliable, efficient and balanced provision of clients with everything necessary for the possibility of professional investment without risks through the automation of business processes under the control of qualified team specialists


We are not just a trading company, we are a tool that will allow everyone to unlock their own potential by basing investments on our technologies

Passive income

"Passive income with Aurora: earn money automatically without effort!" - Aurora offers its clients the opportunity to earn passive income using automatic arbitrage in the cryptocurrency market. Our system works without your participation, so you can go about your business while your balance grows.


“Bonuses and Privileges: Aurora offers favorable conditions for its customers” - We value each of our customers and therefore offer various bonuses and privileges that will help you increase your income. For example, we offer bonuses for attracting new customers and additional discounts for regular customers.


"Protecting Your Investment: Aurora ensures the security and privacy of your funds" - We understand that the security and privacy of your funds is a priority. That's why we use the latest technology to protect your investment and personal information.

Competitive level

"Competition in the cryptocurrency market? Not a problem with Aurora - we are always one step ahead!" - We constantly monitor changes in the cryptocurrency market and adapt our system to be one step ahead of competitors. We also provide training and support to our clients to help them achieve greater success in the market.


"Comfort and Convenience: Aurora Provides Fast and Reliable Access to Automated Arbitration" - Our system is very easy to use and provides quick access to automated arbitrage in the cryptocurrency market. We also provide detailed statistics and reporting so you can track your income.


A unique opportunity to strengthen your financial position by developing investment cooperation with our company Passive income program Financial analysts have developed highly balanced tariff plans for our company's clients. We perform financial management functions, guaranteeing the safety of invested capital in any situation. To do this, we have created an Investment program, using which each partner receives the opportunity to earn passive income online. To start earning money, you just need to choose the tariff plan that suits you most, top up your personal account balance and open a deposit, and then expect the profit to accrue! The minimum deposit amount is $10. Deposits are accrued daily. Profit is accrued every 24 hours from the moment the deposit plan is activated. In Return plans, payments are made daily. Income is available for withdrawal instantly, immediately after accrual. Deposit capital is available for withdrawal after the expiration of the deposit period.

План "Стартап"

Для тех, кто только начинает свое знакомство с инвестированием, и предлагает доходность 0,9% в день на протяжении 60 дней с суммой инвестиций от 10 до 300 долларов.

Этот базовый тариф подходит для новичков на рынке криптовалют и предоставляет нашим партнерам возможность получать доход от своих инвестиций.

План "Прогресс"

Для тех, кто готов инвестировать больше и хочет получать 1% в день в течение 50 дней с суммой инвестиций от 301 до 1000 долларов..

План "Оптимум"

С доходностью 1.3% в день на протяжении 40 дней для инвесторов, готовых вложить от 1001 до 5000 долларов.

План "Эксперт"

Для опытных инвесторов, предлагает доходность 1.5% в день на протяжении 30 дней при инвестиции от 5001 до 10000 долларов.

План "Премиум"

Предназначен для инвесторов, готовых вложить значительные суммы. План предлагает доходность 2% в день в течение 20 дней при инвестиции от 10001 до 25000 долларов.